Here’s a short story I spent a few weeks writing.  I’d love to know what you think.  Feel free to comment. 🙂
     The Tiny God

     The Tiny God floated behind a cloud, steadily watching. Its diminutive stature and soft pink skin tone made It seem nonthreatening, but this little Deity could do things unimaginable by Craig, the man in the little coffee shop the tiny god was watching.  He was a perfectly ordinary man with sharp, yet handsome, features.  In his mid-twenties and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, he gave off the air of an unemployed artist.
     For some reason, the Tiny God had taken a fascination in the human. He was completely unremarkable, sitting outside and slowly appreciating a scone. It had been watching him for about a week now.  The man had tripped on a sidewalk curb and caught the Gods eye from Its vantage perched on a gargoyle, high atop a building. Seeing great distances was no difficult feat for the god, but this shouldn’t have drawn Its attention as much as it did.
     Its wandering mind had not let It notice that Craig was staring straight at It. The Tiny God was surprised the human could see this high up in the clouds, but It remained motionless. It was possible the man was just staring blankly into space, as the God had seen him do many times before. Motion would only draw his attention. The Tiny God had lived long enough to at least know that. Truly, that the humans hadn’t yet discovered the existence of Its kind was a mystery to It.
     Its attention snapped back to Craig as the human was now standing and seemed to be waving It down. The Tiny God was flabbergasted. Never in all Its considerable life had a human managed to spot It, let alone be bold enough to make contact.
     With complete disregard for Its instincts, the Tiny God began to slowly descend down to the man. His face calm and assuring, the man simply waited patiently for the graceful being to meet his level. The Tiny God had never before let Itself be so exposed. It took everything It had not to flee into a shadow or behind a building. It had to let go of all the fear and be ready for whatever was coming.
     “It’s been a long time.” Said the man. There was definitely something familiar about Craig, but the God couldn’t quite remember.
     “How do you know me?” Despite having no mouth, words emanated from the God.
     “You don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you.” The man said, ignoring the question. “I know you have been very careful about revealing yourself, but look around.” Indeed, none of the other people in the cafe were looking at It. They weren’t even looking at the man.
     “No one can see me.” Said the God, Its small eyebrows furrowing. “What did you do? Who are you? What kind of trick is this?” Anger becoming more apparent.
     “This is no trick.” Craig made a flicking gesture with his wrist at the surrounding area that caught the Tiny God off guard. It had seen that motion done before. It just couldn’t remember where. “The people have never been able to see you.” He had a slight smile. “Knowing you, you’ve just been too scared to come out of your clouds and see for yourself.”
     “Hold your tongue, human. You have no idea what I could do to you if…”
     “How long have you been following me?” The man cut the God off.
     “Um…” The Tiny God was thrown off. “About a week, I guess, but who do you think you are? I demand an answer.” It was weaving Its body back and forth in mid-air.
     “Funny, I would have thought it would take me longer to spot you.” The man’s gaze had drifted off. “Even though I’ve been on the lookout for your kind, it’s incredibly difficult for humans to see you.” His eyes went back to the floating pink creature when It started to whiz around faster. “Alright, alright. I’ll answer your questions. I will have a few for you myself. Let’s go for a walk…” He noticed the God was flying. “…of sorts.”
     The man started walking towards a nearby park and the Tiny God followed. Who did this human think he was, ordering around an all powerful God? Not answering Its questions.  
    “I’m supposed to meet someone up ahead for lunch.” Craig gestured ahead with a casual hand. “I’d really like you to meet her.”
     The man’s smile was upturned when the Tiny God zoomed in front of him. “I’ve been patient long enough.” the Deity’s skin changed from a pale pink to pastel orange. “Who are you?”
     “Oh my, I’d forgotten how short tempered your kind can be.” He placed a hand on his hip.
     That’s when the God finally remembered. The gestures, the tones, the way he held himself.  The God’s eyes went wide. “I remember you. You’re…” It was at a loss for words.
     “Don’t hurt yourself trying. You’re not going to remember my name. I gave that up long ago.” He placed a hand on the Tiny God’s shoulder. “It truly is good to see you again, brother.”
    The Tiny God pulled away from the man’s touch. “But, that’s not possible. How can you be human?”
     “Come with me and I’ll tell you a story.” They both started moving through the park again. “Back when we were young, we toyed with the world as if it were our play thing. Land was rearranged, weather was disturbed, new creatures were created.” The Deity nodded Its remembrance. “For the most part, all was good for us.”
     Craig cleared his throat. “We all went our own way as we pleased, some more separated from the group than others. Then the humans came along. We all knew they were there, but we never realized that none of us were willing to interact with them.  We just knew to stay away from them.”
     “It’s not like we were afraid of them, or anything.” said the God. “We could have destroyed them with a single thought, if we had wanted to.”
     “Ah, you see that’s where you are wrong.” Craig responded.  “It wasn’t fear that was keeping us away. It was something else. When was the last time you’ve seen another of your kind?”
     The Tiny God thought for a minute. “I haven’t seen a member of the Brotherhood since long before the humans started erecting their structures.”
     “That explains it. A little while after the buildings started going up is when it all began.” He gestured up at the sky. “The most shy of us stayed up in our clouds, while one of the boldest gained the courage to explore amongst the humans.”
    He stepped aside so a cyclist wouldn’t run him over.  “The people of the small town welcomed him, but cautiously.  He felt no desire to change anything about these people or toy with them as they showed him their ways.  He was accepted into their world and before long something happened he didn’t expect.”  The man paused.
     “What happened next?”  The Tiny God was wrapped in the story.  It was surprising how fascinated It was to know some history of Its kind.
     “Love.”  Craig let the word hang in the air for a moment.  “He was the first of us to find love and he was the first to be transformed.  After that day, he was human.”
     The Tiny God was perplexed.  “Love is everywhere.  I’ve seen it on the streets and in windows.  Something so common can’t possibly cause such a change.”
     The pair had stopped and the man seated himself on a bench.  The God hovered in front of him.  “Underestimating the strength of emotions was always something your kind has been good at.” Craig looked hard into the God’s eyes. “Now, let me finish my story.”
     The Tiny God winced, but remained silent. “Thank you.” The man looked out into the trees. “The changed man went back to the creatures that used to be his kind and told his story. They rejected him as a whole, but one followed him after the man had left. He showed the God the love he shared with one of the humans and, soon after, the God found a love of his own. Just properly seeing love was enough to inspire him to find it for himself. The first to change went away to live with his beloved and never spoke to a God again.”
     A woman sat on the bench next to Craig, not seeing them, and began to eat a sandwich. She was wearing a sky blue skirt and beige blouse that, along with her light brown hair and slender figure, made her look like a peppy college student.  This didn’t stop the man from telling his tale.
     “The next man was eventually found by another curious God and told his story. That God found love as well and changed. It went on like this for a very long time, until I finally stumbled into one of the changed men.”
     The Tiny God looked away, but didn’t speak.
     “He showed me the spark he had between himself and a human woman. Seeing it changed me in a way I had never expected. It let me see the truth: that I had changed long ago.”
     “What do you mean?” The God turned back to the man. “We never change.”
     “No, you just never noticed. Your kind is too caught in your own heads to see what has been happening to you for centuries. You’ve lost your power.”
     “That’s not true!” It swooshed Its tail back and forth. “I can fly. I can see and hear great distances. I always know when something is coming.”
     “All just defenses to let you run away. You used to be able to change the world with a thought. Go ahead, try something destructive.”
     The Tiny God didn’t want to, but It turned to a tree anyway and attempted to set it aflame. Nothing happened. The God hadn’t tried anything like that in a long time, but It had never thought It needed to.
     Its mind went into a panic. It was defenseless. It was vulnerable. “What? What do I do?”
     “Calm yourself.” Craig placed his hand on Its shoulder again. The God instantly felt a little better. “This, believe it or not, is a good thing. It means you are ready.”
     “Ready for what?”  Its head was still in a bit of a fog.
     “Ready to see love.” He turned to the woman next to him. “Joy, there is someone I would like you to meet.”
     The woman choked a little on her sandwich. “Craig! I didn’t see you there.” She recovered herself and gave him a kiss. “When did you get here?”
     “A little before you did.” He winked at her then gestured to the floating Deity. “This is one of my former brethren.”
     She, once again, was startled that she hadn’t noticed the small pink figure, but recovered herself more quickly this time.  “It is a pleasure to finally meet you.”  She stood and took the hand of the Tiny God.  “Craig has told me so much about your people and it is truly an honor.”
     The God didn’t know how to react, so It just stared at her.  She broke the silence.  “You look an awful lot like Craig did when he first met me.  You do seem to have a lighter tone than he did, though.”  She turned to the man.  “You were so cute back then.”
     He stood and took her hand as she let go of the God’s.  “What do you mean ‘were’?”  His tone was playful.
     The Tiny God watched the two stare into each other’s eyes and saw that something was definitely different.  These two shared something more than any other humans It had seen.
     The man finally broke his gaze away from the woman.  “Before I show you, I have one piece of advice.”  The God looked back, apprehensive. “Try to remember, love is a beautiful thing.”
     Craig turned again to look back at the woman.  The Tiny God felt it before It saw it.  A spark connected the two as they drew closer together and kissed once again.  This kiss was more than the God had ever seen before.  It shined with its own brilliance.  It was as if their souls had come together like drops of water.  
     The Tiny God whimpered and shot into the sky, ignoring the branches that knocked its head on the way up.
     “Oh, my…”  Joy said with a startled gasp.  “It seemed really upset.  Will It be alright?”
     Craig wrapped an arm around her waist and looked up at where the Tiny God had fled.  “Yes, this is how it’s supposed to be.  I did the same thing when I first saw love.  It’s going to take a while.  It’s got a lot of thoughts and emotions to discover and work through, but eventually It will come back down.  It will find love, just like the rest of us did.”
     “Well, that’s good.  I hope It finds someone nice.”  The woman looked into her love’s eyes and he looked into hers.  “I know I did.”