As I said in the subtitle, I am an aspiring writer.  I have had many other aspirations in my life; Hypnotherapist, Computer Engineer, Blacksmith…  Recently, after finding amazing inspiration in new friends, I have sat down and typed out a novel, Instinctual.  I am quite proud of this accomplishment and am excited that I have found what I feel to be my proper form of creative expression.  The worlds just begging to be created as I sit in front of the blank page are too vast for me to keep to myself.

Which brings me to the book I have already written.  Instinctual, as of yet, is unpublished.  It is a fantasy novel that mostly takes place in a world layered on top of our own, a world of magic.  All sorts of creatures from angels to vampires come into play as the main character, Derek, is pulled into this Sub-World.  Every type of magical creature seems to be trying to kill him, but his friends and family are there for support.  Individual abilities begin to manifest in him, keeping him alive.  With action, magic, comedy, and even a little romance, it makes for an exciting read.

With this experience under my belt, I feel I have learned a lot about myself.  This blog is to help me continue learning.  Here I will place my thoughts, opinions, and story ideas.  I would ask that people don’t steal ideas outright, but contact me if they would like to use something I have come up with.  Unless it is something I plan on using later, you will most likely get full rights to it.  If you enjoy my writing or have any questions, feel free to leave comments on any of my posts or contact me at If you want to see me, here is a picture. Thank you.